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Mayra Santos-Febres Talks Black Beauty and the Power of Words

By Kim Haas

“I was born with a particular sensitivity to words. Some people are very good with math and sports… I wasn’t but I could feel words.” Perhaps this early relationship with words explains a certain sensuality that characterizes not just her literary works but also Mayra Santos-Febres, the woman. Read more

Q&A with Miriam Jiménez Román

In February, Latina magazine listed “6 Afro-Latinas Who Are Changing the World.” Naturally, Miriam Jiménez Román was second on the list.

Her work as a writer, professor and head of the Afro-Latin@ Forum has educated the world about the Afro-Latin experience and made her an authority on the subject. Her latest work, The Afro-Latin@ Reader: History and Culture in the United States, has been hailed for critics for its diverse portrait of Black Latinos in America.

Jiménez sat down to speak with Los Afro-Latinos about the book, Afro-Latinos in the media and bridging the gap between African Americans and Latinos. Read more

CLOSED Daughters of the Stone Giveaway!

Hello readers! It’s giveaway time!

Remember when we said there was a little surprise in the works? Well, this month Los Afro-Latinos is celebrating Women’s History Month. And we’re giving away the book Daughters of the Stone to celebrate one of our most popular Q&A’s with author Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa! Read more

{Gallery} 16th Arturo A. Schomburg Symposium

Los Afro-Latinos’ photos from the 16th annual Arturo A. Schomburg Symposium held in Philadelphia, PA on Saturday February 25, 2012. Read more

Celebrate Carnival

It’s time to celebrate – Carnival has come! Read more

Was Enough Done to Commemorate The Year of African Descent?

Black History Month is celebrated throughout the month of February in the United States. During this month, we honor and recognize the achievements of people of African descent in this country. And speaking of honoring, did you know that 2011 was deemed The International Year for People of African Descent? Read more