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Los Afro-Latinos Team

Kim Haas
President of Haas Media, LLC and Founder of Los Afro-Latinos

Kim Haas began expressing an interest in cultures during her first trip abroad — to Acapulco, Mexico when she was eight years-old. Traveling with her grandmother, an avid traveler, she was taught to count in Spanish by a friendly local. From that point, Ms. Haas has been learning about cultures through her work in media, communication and training.

Some of Ms. Haas’ wide-ranging experiences include: working in theater, film and television as well as serving as a key member of Philadelphia’s Mayor’s Office of Community Services in the Communications Department. Ms. Haas has hosted television and internet programs. In addition to being a motivational speaker, she is also a guest lecturer at New York University. Ms. Haas is fluent in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.


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  1. Jonathan French #

    Viewed you on WJLA this morning and was very happy to see what you are doing. I first got interested in Afro-latino culture in 1996, when working with an organization “Africans in the Americas” which is defunct now. In 2010 working at the library of Congress and within their Hispanic Heritage month presentation they lack the African presence. That prompt me to create a program. If you Google African presence in Latin America Francisco Campbell you will see the program I did. Thanks for the continued work in the area.

    September 10, 2020

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