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Celebrate Carnival

It’s time to celebrate – Carnival has come!

Carnival is Brazil’s annual four day celebration leading into Ash Wednesday and Lent. There are celebrations all over Brazil — from Recife to Salvador– but Rio’s Carnival celebration is truly the epicenter.

Carnival’s origins date back to ancient Greece and Rome where celebrations preceding Lent were a tradition. The Portuguese are credited with bringing Carnival to Brazil around 1850.

Photo: All the World Travel

Masquerades and balls in celebration were typical in France, but with Brazilian slaves embracing the concept of Carnival, new techniques and traditions originating from African culture came into play.

To this day, the Afro-Latino community in Brazil is praised for “making” Carnival every year. The favelas’ Black communities are some of the most active participants.

Parades, costumes, cross-dressing and Afro-Brazilian music, such as the samba, are all essential Carnival elements, beginning with the Samba Parade at the Sambodromo.

Carnival is a time to have fun. Join Los Afro-Latinos in celebrating Carnival February 18th through the 22nd!

For more information click here. [LINK]

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