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Singer Alex Cuba’s life without limits (Part 2)

Alex Cuba portrait

2010 Latin Grammy Winner, Singer/Songwriter Alex Cuba seems to be in a really good place in his life right now, a time when he’s operating on all cylinders. He’s married to Sarah, “love of his life”and they have 3 children. His parents are thankful for his success which thrills Alex immensely. His career is blossoming. He has worked with fellow Canadian Nelly Furtado, one of the biggest stars in pop music. Alex wrote 6 of the songs on her first Spanish CD, Mi Plan, released in 2009.

Alex Cuba is gracious and easy to talk with. He’s confident about his music. The Cuban born singer is pleased with the creative risks and choices he’s taken. Not only does he have creative control over of his music through writing and singing his songs, he also has financial control. Alex owns his label, Caracol, which produces his music. Plus, he’s in the midst of a United States tour promoting his new CD, Ruido En El Sistema (Static in the System).

The singer’s pride in his current release, Ruido En El Sistema comes through loud and clear, “It always feels good when you release an album and you have total confidence. It’s who you are. It can never go wrong. I’m happy about this album that way.”

Ruido En El Sistema, is a 14 track CD and title of one of the songs. When asked about the origins of the phrase, “Ruido En El Sistema,” he said it’s a Cuban expression which he had forgotten about until recently. Proving creative genius can strike at any moment, Cuba says the phrase popped into his head one day while he was washing dishes. Immediately, he went to his studio and started writing.

While Cuba knew that the title song on his new CD was “powerful enough to define his album,” his music continues to be undefinable. Nelly Furtado recognizes the challenge of categorizing the track Ruido En El Sistema to a specific genre, “You know what is amazing about this song, I’m trying to find an era of music in which this song belongs and I can’t. I could say it belongs to now, 70s, 80s.”

Cuba says that he and Furtado “click” in terms of personality. “She believes in creativity and uniqueness. I’m somebody different in music and it comes across in this album, the music is different.” Furtado and Cuba partnered again. This time for his current release. She is featured on the track “Nadie Como Tu.”

It’s safe to say Alex Cuba’s star is rising. When I asked him, who finished the dishes when that creative moment struck? He said his wife, Sarah. Lovingly, she appreciates his flashes of inspiration and how they spontaneously come to him. Cuba says his wife knows “music feeds my soul.”

Photo courtesy:  Christina Woerns

Continue the conversation with Alex Cuba and join our live twitter chat with him on Monday, October 22 at 8 p.m. EST.

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