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Los Afro-Latinos at LATISM 2013


We have very exciting news to share! Tomorrow (9/20), our founder, Kim Haas will be on the “Lets dare to talk about race in our Latino community” panel at this year’s Latinos In Social Media Conference in New York City. Along with Alicia Anabel, Dr. Georgina Falu, and Guesnerth Josue Perea, Kim will be discussing the following questions:

“Why is race such a taboo in our Latino community? Is there such a thing as racism among Latinos? Do we really really really treat each other equally? Are Afro-Latinos equally positioned in media or leadership? Let’s dare touch the core of the race issues with the help of experts in the field who are dedicating their lives to this issue.”

If you are in NYC and attending the conference, join the conversation from 10 – 11 a.m. in the Park Avenue Suite South. Even if you aren’t attending the conference, join in the conversation. Feel free to leave your thoughts on the above questions in the comments section below or join us on Facebook or Twitter.

Find out more info about the panel and conference.

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  1. man I wish I knew about this…you know we (Negros Americanos) would have been there in full swing…….I am following now so I will stay updating on other things you guys are doing or know about

    September 27, 2013

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