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An evening with Raúl Villareal, author of Hemingway’s Cuban Son

Raúl and librarians

Raúl Villareal with librarians Edwin Perez and Patricia Vega. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Vega.

Rightly or wrongly, my impressions of one of America’s most revered authors, Ernest Hemingway, has always been one of a larger than life figure with an insatiable appetite for wine, women and cigars.

Interestingly enough, life often affords us opportunities to examine tightly held ideas and perceptions. I had a chance to challenge some of those thoughts about Ernest Hemingway on Wednesday, September 19, at the Main Branch of the Jersey City Public Library.

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, librarians Edwin Perez and Patricia Vega hosted New Jersey author and artist, Raúl Villareal. His presentation, “Hemingway on the Hudson” was based on the book he co-authored with his father, Hemingway’s Cuban Son. The memoir recounts the decades in which Raúl’s father, René Villareal, faithfully served as Hemingway’s mayordomo (butler). Read more